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Thu, 22 Aug 2013 18:00 - 22:00 PST

Ateneo Rockwell Center

20 Rockwell Drive Rockwell Center, Makati


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How Emotional Intelligence Boost Sales

Are your emotions getting in the way of your managing decisions?
Do you want to know how to handle yourself in times of stress and dealing with others skillfully?
Do you know that having a developed emotional intelligence can boost your sales?

Tiredness and pressure from heavy work load can really affect your emotions, or how you handle yourself with others. Emotions are tangled up with what you think, do, and say whether it concerns your career or personal life. Emotional intelligence is how you handle yourself despite of bad and good things that are happening. Having a developed EQ helps people communicate well, think analytically, make good decisions, deal with conflict productively, pursue others and even close a great deal with clients.

Customers always look for a sales person who knows what they are seeking for; they look for a sales person who can read and apprehend what they need. This forum is your chance to obtained advance learning and skills practice, and to increase your emotional intelligence skill levels using 66 proven strategies. Here is an opportunity for you to learn new techniques on how to read between the lines, identify and understand the needs of your clients or customers. Allow yourself to discover and handle emotional hurdles both your own and your customers. Enjoy developing control over your emotions, and gain new friends through sharing your ideas with them.

For this event, we have invited Mr. Ronaldo Turla. He is a Certified Managing Consultant (CMC®) and the current Managing Director of TalentReach, a management consultancy company specializing in human resource and organizational development. He earned his degree in Psychology from De La Salle University. He has also a diploma in Industrial Relations. He has over 10 years of solid experience in the field of Human Resource Management and Organization Development in various industries including retail, food service, distribution and contact center. Mr. Turla has been certified by Talent Smart International, the world's #1 provider of Emotional Intelligence. He belongs to the resource speakers of Business Maker Academy and Whiteboard Events Management.

Mr. Turla is going to talk about things on how to increase your sales through emotional intelligence, how to build relationship with clients, and how does it increase your sales. This forum will allow you to be aware of the role of emotions in your personal and professional life; explore the skills you need to manage your EQ; discuss real world examples and experiences, what works, what doesn’t, and what to do next time; and together with others, understand your current level of emotional intelligence and come up with a plan to where to focus your development.

Outline of the forum:

I. Why EQ is better than IQ

Business Case for EQ (based on research)
II. Five Steps to Sales Success

Build the Relationship
Find the Need
Meet the Need
Jump the Hurdles
Ask for the sale
III. Four Core Emotional Intelligence Skills

Personal Competence

Self -Management
Social Competence
Social Awareness
Relationship Management
IV. EQ and Bottom Line

EQ Strategies for Sales Process

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